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Are you having trouble 'connecting the dots' for your organisation?

HR strategy, Coaching, Human Resources, KieranMander

I create HR Strategies

that connect PEOPLE,

with their ORGANISATION,


and with PASSION !

HR Shouldn't be Rocket Science

HR strategy, Coaching, Human Resources, KieranMander

I believe the businesses that genuinely care about the human beings in their organisation, that make life easy for their people, listen to their ideas and concerns, and importantly, act on them, are those on their way to making a great company! 


For me, everyone’s journey is different, and therefore every solution is different. I can use my twenty years of International HR experience, Leadership Development and Management Coaching to help create positive action to help transform you and your organisation. 

My Services

When was the last time you had an “Ah-ha” moment ?
That moment when the light-bulb went on or the penny dropped?
Are you struggling with a personal or professional goal? 
Or do you have a team that aren't playing well together? 


Having someone to have a conversation with, kick around some ideas and ask those all important questions, can help move a situation forward, when you find yourself ‘stuck’. 

I can help you achieve your goals by sharing some great tools and techniques to unlock your full potential! 

Are you trying to implement change in your organisation?

Are you trying to create a team that has a better sense of connectedness and purpose?


Are those around you struggling to deal with a specific change? 

Does your leadership team have the right skills to lead change in your organisation? 



I can help you manage change in yourself and your teams. 


Providing a mix of tools, support, training and coaching to land change in a positive and engaging way for the success of your organisation.

Are you having trouble ‘connecting the dots’ for your organisation?
Do you know that you have a ‘people’ problem, but can’t put your finger on it, or articulate it?
Do you have a specific metric or problem you are trying to fix? 


I can help with reviewing your organisation and the way that your people are organised within it, support a particular project, review a current people strategy or establish a new one. 

Supporting you and your organisation with the right skills, tools and insight to drive business performance! 

As simple as..... Connecting the dots!

I connect organisations with the right solutions

I connect change and transformation with results

HR strategy, Coaching, Human Resources, KieranMander

I connect people with ideas

I connect peoples thoughts with their actions, behaviors and habits

I connect people with their purpose and passion

I connect organisations with their environment and customers

I connect the employee experience

with the employee journey

I connect leaders with their employees

I connect people with ideas

I connect teams with their vision

I can help you make sense of the gaps in your organisation and provide you the plan, tools and support, to help you join the dots and make that connection for your employees.

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HR strategy, Coaching, Human Resources, KieranMander

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