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Are you having trouble 'connecting the dots' for your organisation?

HR strategy, Coaching, Human Resources

HR Strategy

I can help with reviewing your organisation and the way that your people are organised within it. Assess your culture and the processes that make it run, review a current people strategy or establish a new one. 

My experience of working with numerous teams and businesses has helped me to ‘diagnose’  business issues and resolve them with interventions that help engage its people, connect them to the business and drive business strategies forward.


Whether that’s an Engagement Programme, Organisational Design, Reward & Policy, Performance Management, Learning & Development or Talent and Succession Planning, a single focus or a mix of all these. Whether your business is ten people or ten thousand – I can help you connect the dots for your employees. 

Kieran Mander


I have 20 years of people strategy experience.  I use a trusted methodology, to understand your business in its current context. Through a range of metrics, data-points, 'meta-mapping', observations and one-to-one conversations I am able to connect the dots to get a deep understanding of your organisation. 

HR Business Plan, HR strategy, Coaching, Human Resources

This then provides unique insight into whats working well and how you can leverage this for change, as well as pointing out the stuff thats not so good, and could be a barrier for future growth in your organization. 


Its neatly packaged up into a review document that can help you to make sound and insightful business decisions to help drive your business forwards. 


Once we've had some insight into whats working well and where the gaps are, we can put a bespoke programme of activity together that engages your organization to make positive change. 

BusinHR strategy, Coaching, Human Resourcesss Plan,

The Solutions are agreed in consultation with you and can be agreed from a toolbox of tried & tested best practice, alongside new innovative & creative HR & Business tools in a “People Strategy”.


This effectively joins-the-dots to form a comprehensive delivery action plan, that makes sense to you, your teams and your organisation, and helps to improve overall business performance. 


Handing over a document with a "People Strategy" is only one part of the overall journey. In addition to Reviewing and Designing your People Strategy, I can also offer help and support in the roll-out of your HR Strategy. 

HR strategy, Coaching, Human Resources, HR Project Planning

Whether this is project/programme management of the whole HR Strategy or one aspect of it. 

I can use my insight, experience, technical skills and leadership to deliver what you need, when you need. Working with a range of resources either within-house or with third party expert providers. I can co-ordinate the delivery for your organisation.


What is HR Strategy?

HR Strategy is about aligning People, Policy and Process to the overall Business plan and Vision. HR doesn't have to be rocket science, but it is the enabling factor, to help realise employee engagement to provide purpose and passion to make the difference in a competitive market. 

Kieran Mander, HR strategy, Coaching, Human Resources



Organisational Design 

Policy & Processes

HR Analytics



Talent & Succession Planning 

Performance Management 

HR Technology

Training & Development

Employee Value Proposition

Employee Relations

Compensation & Benefits

Interim Human Resource Director

You may have a short term need for a HR Director to support your organisation, though a specific change programme, deliver a project or a day-to-day “care-taker” requirement. 

I have nearly twenty years of experience working in numerous organizations across the world. Dealing with Blue-Chip brands in matrixed, complex, multi-national environments. Managing teams of HR professionals from 1–30 strong and total business headcounts up to 20,000.  

Contact me to see where I can help to provide you a solution and ensure business support and continuity. 

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